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Giving direction along the road to smoother businesses practices. At Compass Business Solutions, we offer results. We are a valuable resource for those companies determined to improve the performance and effectiveness of their business software and practices dramatically.

Our business consultants have in-depth experience with the QAD MFG/PRO software and real world industry experience. They understand the challenges facing management because they have faced similar challenges throughout their careers in manufacturing and distribution environments.

Each consultant has a reputable history of implementing and upgrading QAD MFG/PRO software while assessing and defining improved business process flows. We employ the use of a proven implementation methodology that can be tailored to meet the individual needs of each customer.

In addition, we provide general consulting services not related to MFG/PRO for most business process flows from the conception of a project idea through delivery.

Of most importance, our business consultants are coaches. Our goal is to provide coaching and development of the implementation team and critical mass. This enables them to help attain the specific objectives of the project at hand and gives them the knowledge they need to face future challenges. Through this comprehensive hands-on technical and business support, we achieve the maximum results and leave our customers self-sufficient.

Software Selection
We work with you to identify the right application software to meet your business goals. We prepare a comprehensive requirements definition from critical interviews and analysis of your business needs. This definition is used to identify alternative software solutions. We can provide expertise and guidance during the software demonstrations, Request for Proposal and Vendor Evaluation processes.

Implementation Consulting
We work with you to prepare a detailed project plan and timeline that incorporates our proven methodologies with your unique needs. Our consultants provide guidance, coaching and support throughout the Implementation project. Our industry experience and software know-how help to accelerate the decision making process during the setup phase. Our assistance will allow you to achieve maximum results as quickly as possible.

Project Management
Our consultants can provide project management leadership or assist your internal project manager. We can maintain project management timelines, status reports, Issue tracking, follow up and resolution and help manage project resources.

Data Conversion Mapping and Acceptance Testing
How much history should be entered into the new system? What data should be converted manually versus programmatically? These are difficult questions to answer. We can help you decide what to transfer and by what means. Our consultants are experienced in providing detailed data mapping specifications to translate the information from your old system to your new system. This can be provided to a programmer to migrate the data or a user for manual entry depending on record volume. If the conversion is done via programming, our consultants can test the accuracy of the conversion program and data integrity prior to live conversion.

Process Mapping
During the analysis and design phase of a project, our consultants can provide formal Process Mapping services. This can include AS-IS Mapping, detailed TO-BE Mapping and a GAP Evaluation with Issues and Resolutions. This is very valuable to ensure there are no hidden processes uncovered and unaccounted for when you Go Live.

Conference Room Pilot
A conference room pilot is scheduled after training, analysis and design are completed. The key is Preparation. So often, conference room pilots do not uncover processing issues. To get the most out of the pilot, we work with you to develop real business scenarios for your organization and document a test script for each. The pilot is used to walk through each test script. Depending on what is uncovered, a second pilot may be planned.

Procedural Documentation
During the analysis and design phase, decisions are made. During the conference room pilot, these decisions are proven. After this, decisions needed to be translated into easy to follow process flow charts and procedures. Our consultants can perform this service or provide documentation templates and guidance to your staff.

Custom Requirements Documentation and Acceptance Testing
A GAP analysis is performed during any project. This analysis identifies where the business process needs can not be met with the vanilla software solution and reports. This information is used to evaluate the need for any custom reports, inquiries, triggers or maintenance functions. Our consultants will work with you to avoid any custom programming but when necessary we can provide a detailed requirements definition that can be used for programming. Our detailed document will include an acceptance test plan to ensure the custom program operates as planned and expected.

System Testing
Whether you are implementing new business software or upgrading to the latest version, our consultants can provide critical testing support.

Report Writing
If you do not have the manpower or time, our consultants can design and prepare your General Ledger Reports utilizing GL Report Writer. For non-GL data, reports and queries can be created using Progress Results.

Software Upgrades
You can take advantage of added functionality when you upgrade. We can help you understand the new functionality and its benefits to you. We can provide project planning, training, testing and consulting services to assist you in your upgrade. We can also help you identify and implement complementary products.

Post Implementation Assessment
Are you getting the most out of your software? Before you go shopping for a new system or solution, find out if the software you have can do what you need. Let us provide you with a Post Implementation Audit. Our software certified consultants will evaluate your business processes and software related procedures and reports. We will advise where utilization of the software or changes in business processes can provide immediate benefits.

Process Improvements General Consulting
Is there a specific process flow or department in your organization that is adversely impacting your competitive advantage? Are all your processes customer-driven? Have you eliminated non-value-added activities from all your processes? Depending on the process we have the right consultant for you. Our consultants have over 15 years of industry experience and are either APICS or CPA certified.

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