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Giving direction along the road to smoother business practices Compass Business Solutions is a results driven consulting firm specializing in helping organizations with the selection, training and implementation of business processes and software. We offer a valuable combination of hands on industry and software experience. We work with small to medium sized manufacturers and distributors in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

The founding members chose the company name Compass Business Solutions because the word Compass embodied the core philosophy of the consulting firm. The Cambridge Dictionary definition of Compass is "a device for finding direction". The Latin derivation of Compass is from the Latin com meaning together and passus meaning to step. The literal translation is to " step together".

We live this philosophy.

We team with our customer’s organization providing the project roadmap that can be followed to success. We listen to the unique needs of our customers and apply proven methodologies so that, together, we can define the roadmap best suited for this project.

We involve the customer in every step of the project. Sometimes projects fail because there was not appropriate buy in or an inadequate amount of analysis, design and project planning. Getting analysis and design right is an important first step. When given the necessary amount of attention we expect the implementation to be straight forward and results immediately evident. To be effective - customer involvement is critical. We want to "step together" to merge the technology and business processes chosen for optimal results.

When the project is completed we leave our customer self–sufficient. We feel our Compass consultants accomplish this by being the compass (navigator) during the project. Our consultants’ mission is to work together with our customer’s organization to educate and prepare them for ongoing management of the selected solutions and leave them with the confidence to face future challenges.

Compass Business Solutions knows how important having a knowledgeable workforce and bottom line results is to your organization. Together, we can ensure that your next step is in the right direction.

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